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18 Palm Cockatoos
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18 Palm Cockatoos

Palm Cockatoos only lay one egg at a time and our 2 breeding pairs have excelled this season with the Goliath Palms also starting to breed for the first time ever. This is a first for SA in terms of second generation Goliaths that were originally hand raised producing their own chicks. I am busy raising 18 chicks with two more eggs in the incubator so if all goes well we should reach 20 babies for the season which would be our own best breeding record for the species in one season.

The Goliath chicks have proved to be quite different to the normal Palms and not only are they much larger but they appear to have must faster crop emptying time and are also able to handle much larger volumes of food. Peak weights on the first 5 chicks are well over 1000grams per bird!

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